May 10, 2024

Students are prepared for entry-level, high-demand careers

The Microelectronics Boot Camp, a 10-week hands-on career training at ϲվ, celebrated its 32nd graduation Friday, May 10.

Congratulations to: Kerim Beso, Christopher Martinez, Danson Reese, Joel Moszka, Peter Samuel Schulze, Daniel Luken, Nicole Soto Morales, Jordan Meas, Nicholas Parks, Marilyn Beileson, Daniel Mercado, and Alexus Young

The latest class brings the total Microelectronics Boot Camp graduates up to 344 since the boot camp launched in 2016, with many working in advanced manufacturing roles in the region. The program is supported by strong industry and community partnerships.  

“These partnerships are what our workforce needs to have an economy that’s second to none."

Graduates are guaranteed interviews with founding partner, BAE Systems, Inc. Students also begin careers with industry partners such as Draper Labs, Microsembly, Mercury Systems, L3 Harris Technologies, API Technology, MACOM, MIT Lincoln Labs, Lockheed Martin, Monzite, and more.

“By gaining new skills and embarking on a new career, you’re not only strengthening our economy and workforce, but strengthening our national security,” said Hassan.

Jon Mason, director of Workforce Development at NCC, thanked industry and community partners, particularly WIOA and MY TURN, Inc. for their comprehensive support and attention to students, contributing to the high student success rate.   

Butch Locke, Strategic Operations Director at BAE Systems, Inc., noted the placement rate for graduates is over 95 percent. “It doesn’t matter what you did before, it matters what you do after these 10 weeks. Bring your ‘A Game,’ become a subject expert, develop soft skills, earn a degree – don’t stop that continuous evolution.”

VPAA Robyn Griswold also encouraged grads to keep up their momentum, “Today is just the beginning, there’s opportunity for growth and advancement both in workforce, or through higher education.”

The Microelectronics Boot Camp has highly engaged alumni support system, with about a dozen alumni attending Friday’s graduation, and two alumni serving as graduation speakers. 

“Before this class, I was working at Dairy Queen at the Mall of New Hampshire,” said Kyle Perras. Perras graduated with the 2nd Microelectronics class in 2017. “And 10 weeks seems like a long time until you’re done, and your life is completely changed. This experience has let me land my current job up in Vermont – these skills can take you anywhere.”

From the 25th graduating class, U.S. Army Veteran Kevin Moore said the boot camp helped him find a new path after the military. Moore said he witnessed the importance of defense technology first hand, “What you build and produce really matters, it saves lives.”

Mason emphasized the strength and value of the alumni network, and encouraged the new graduates to rely on their peers as they enter the workforce, “Don’t forget you can count on them. The alumni always show up.”

Boot camp instructor Jim Flis congratulated all the graduates, “Today is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.”

About the Boot Camp

The Microelectronics Boot Camp was developed in partnership with BAE Systems, Inc. in 2016 to address the shortage of skilled candidates in microelectronics manufacturing. Boot Camp students have ranged in age from recent high school graduates to professionals in their 60s, including veterans and workers from other industries seeking a career change. Students are frequently supported by community partners including WIOA, the Front Door Agency, and MY TURN, INC. Alumni also return to mentor each new generation of students both on campus and in the workplace.

Microelectronics Boot Camps enroll throughout the year. Sessions are 10 weeks at 40 hours per week for $5,500 per student. The boot camp is WIOA eligible. To learn more or enroll, contact Jon Mason at [email protected], or 603.578.8900 x1763.