Starting classes does not have to be stressful! NCC has partnered with Follett to offer students FOLLETT ACCESS, a simple and convenient way to ensure students are ready for class on day one.

TheFOLLETT ACCESS programdelivers required digital course materials for a select group of classes to NCC students before the first day of classes and charges the fee to the student’s NCC account.

Only required digital course materials—courseware or eBooks—are included in the FOLLETT ACCESS program. Additional recommended or suggested materials, including print copies of texts, may be ordered online at or in the bookstore where Follett associates will be happy to assist you.

Cost Savings and Convenience

FOLLETT ACCESS connects students to their required materials before class even begins so students are ready to learn and prepared to succeed from day one, and because ACCESS fees are included in their NCC bills, students do not have to shop for or pay out of pocket for these materials.

Our vendor partners promise us the best available price for materials in the Follett Access program, so every student pays the same low price.


FOLLETT ACCESS delivers eBooks and access to educational courseware about a week before the start of class.

eBooks are delivered through Brytewave, , an eBook platform with powerful search and annotation tools including highlighting, note taking, flash cards, and more.

Courseware can be delivered a variety of ways; Access codes are delivered by email or through Brytewave. Some courseware does not require a code and is available through direct links in Canvas. Check your instructor’s directions in Canvas before trying to access your courseware.


FOLLETT ACCESS sections and their materials are identified on the Bookstore’s website:

No. You can opt out but be careful before you do.

For eBooks, you can sometimes buy or rent print versions instead. The Bookstore usually has a few of each or they may be available from other sellers.

For courseware, you should generally not opt out. Required courseware includes an eBook, learning activities, and assessment tools—quizzes and tests. Students in courses using courseware (e.g., MyLab, Connect, Achieve, MindTap, Inquisitive, etc.) need the courseware to complete the course requirements. If you try to opt out (because you bought a print book with the access code, for example), you may have difficulty with registration and opting back in may not be an option. Please partner with the Bookstore before opting out of an ACCESS course using courseware.

All students in FOLLETT ACCESS sections receive information about opting out before delivery begins. Here is the link for opting out:

The Bookstore will report opt-outs to NCC Student Accounts, and they will adjust your bill.

FOLLETT ACCESS delivers eBooks to an account at Brytewave.Redshelf, using the student’s @students.ccsnh.edu email as their user name. Temporary passwords are emailed to students, but you can also use ‘forgot password’ to login.

Always read your instructor’s directions in Canvas before trying to use your software. Direct links and automatic registration to courseware in Canvas are the trend, but some applications may still require a code. Courseware codes are delivered through Brytewave.Redshelf or to your @students.ccsnh.edu email.

If you are in a FOLLETT ACCESS section, and you are asked to buy a code, do not buy a code. Look on the page for a 14-day free trial and sign up for that while we sort out the trouble.

First, check Brytewave to see if a code was delivered there for you.

If you are sure you do not need a code, have your instructor contact the Bookstore. We may need to contact the vendor to have the paywall removed.

Follow the link below and we will get back to you.

Visit: or scan the QR code below:

QR Code for Follett Access Action request

For more information:
Barry Brown
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Follett Bookstore #0971
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