About Structured Schedules At NCC

NCC developed structured schedules to help students reach their educational goals in the shortest amount of time. Part of the college’s Guided Pathways initiative, the structured schedules illustrate a seamless path students will take from enrollment to program completion. Students will also be able to anticipate program milestones ahead of time, such as internships and capstone courses.

Structured schedules also offer predictability. As many students work and support families, having a stable class schedule can assist students in planning their work schedule, childcare arrangement, and transportation.

  • Map out a full year schedule for your degree/certificate program
  • Balance work, family, and extracurricular activities around a predictable class schedule
  • Know in advance when and where your classes will be
  • Complete your certificate in 1 year and your associate degree in 2 years by taking core courses as scheduled
  • Electives on a structured schedule are recommendations. Advisors will go over your options
  • Don’t forget: Enrolling in Summer and Winter sessions can help you spread out a course load and get ahead!

Spring 2021 Schedules By Program (Choose Below)